This type of Kool Aid is not always cool or an aid.

And so it is said….

Drink the Kool-Aid if you want to have a stress free Career with us.

Well that has never actually been said “out loud” but has been heard through the whispers of time & frustrations during ones #retaillife.

👉I’m so fricken tired of this expression as its origins came from the Jonestown Mass Murder & doing so will end up killing us Diabetics.

When I think of this expression; the first word that comes to mind is Coward.

Why Coward? Simply because the definition of it wraps itself around the old school thinking of:
1. Why Change when we’ve always been doing it this way.
2. I need to protect my job as they will soon find out my secrets.
3. Just don’t have the balls to make the necessary changes as it will cost $ and time.

The definition of Coward shadows the points above:
– A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

The implications of not drinking the Kool Aid range from….well there is no range as it always ends up the same way at the end: High Turnover, Shrink and Disengaged #Employees.

#Stopthemadness & allow the ones that YOU HIRED based on their experience to flourish & be themselves without having to taste some SWILL made out of someones fear of facing reality.

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