This is My Face When: Kiss Ass

♥️ I love when this happens in Retail before a store visit from someone from your Ivory Tower and you magically find hours to clean the store.

We can be hypocrites.
We can be selfish.
and we need to stop this.

Let’s show the reality of what is going on and bring it to the table.

If everything looks perfect then there is no need for additional $$$ in the future for:

⭐ Labour | Raises.
⭐ Fixtures.
⭐ Inventory.

…because everything is Hunky Dorey 😎.

Stop the Madness and be friggen transparent.

Adding additional labour to do so makes me think what else is being hidden behind your Ego Based curtain 🥸 ?

One day of extra labour to clean, hide or stock your store only hurts every Employee and the trust they have in you.

Good luck rebuilding that.

Please be reminded that as a Leader to your Team this shows that you have NO IDEA as to what is happening in your stores, and more than likely have lost control.

Now does this sound familiar to you and how frustrating is it for you?

💪What have you done about it?
💪What have you experienced?

And why as Leaders are you Chickens and are unable to stand up to someone from the office but are able to throw out “Corrective Actions” to an Employee who is unable to complete a task in time.

Maybe it’s you that’s deserves to be written up….by you.


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