Kiss my Ass? That still exists?

😘 Kiss my Retail Ass?
Does that still exist?

What can I say except that watching someone in #Retail kiss 💋 someones ass to try and move up the ladder, is a special sight to see as you would be amazed to the lengths someone will go to to do so.


I did Kiss Ass early on in my #Retail career but then my testicles descended & I realized that this was not going to get me anywhere except towards being someone’s lackey.

Then why did I do it?

Well I simply was in search of that elusive title that would allow me to shout to the heaven’s
– “I have the power,” just like He Man, also I just wanted to be seen as the Big Guy on campus.

In reality I was seen as the Suck Up King & gained little respect from my Peers, had no power, but I did get a ton of work from the persons whose ass I was kissing without the recognition.

Oy Vey!

The flip side to someone kissing MY ass makes my Spidey senses tingle & question their authenticity.

You know what you can do instead of Kissing someone’s Ass?

Ahem…you know who you are 😜.

👉 Work hard and show your worth.

👉 You are NOT better than anyone else. Get this Fucked Up notion out of your head.

👉 Respect, be kind & transparent with everyone, not just upper Management, Directors and VP’s.

👉 Be in the trenches.

👉 Show up every day and play your role.

👉 Stop being a Douchebag.


… and Yes, I am talking to you 🫵 my friend.

Please just stop being so obvious as everyone can see through your game.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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