🥳 Update #1, #2, #3 What are you thinking ?

Well it’s been over 10 days since my latest health scare.
Here are some updates.

⭐ 1. I’m on new medication to control my Diabetes (Janumet) and it seems to help me fight the good battle so far.

Thank you to everyone for all your direct messages. It is very much appreciated and will be remembered.

⭐ 2. As for my Mental Health, I have been seeing some rapid cylcing, it can be from one minute to the next or it just hits me in the middle of the day.

Here is an article I wrote that will explain this annoyance that comes along with being BiPolar and rapid cycling: https://renegaderetailer.blog/2021/02/26/bipolarcycling/

⭐ 3. And to you out there that keeps on questioning why I post “non business” related articles on LinkedIn.

Well, simple enough.

I want to share my Mental Health Journey and Retail Marathon in hoping I help others who are on the same path, but are drowning in their self doubt, fears and just not knowing who to turn to for help.

To Mr. / Mrs. unhappy with your life and jealous of others, you should know that I receive 4-5 direct messages a month (not alot, but helping even one person is a victory in my books ) letting me know how I have let others cope knowing that they are not alone.

…Enough said for now.

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And as always,
Please Have a PHENOMENAL 朗 Day.

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