I will Remember.

⭐I will remember.
I will remember those #Retailers
that kept their stores open
that were non essential
and placing their #Employees
lives at risk.

⭐I will remember the Retailers
that due to being categorized as
essential services
kept their doors open
and went all out to ensure
that their teams
were protectd,
were give extra compensation
and worked alongside
their Retail Soldiers in the field.

⭐I will remember not to
shop anymore at the Retailers
who just stood by and did not react.

I will not call out any Retailers
as they know who they are.

Shame on you.

🙏Thank you to those
who continue to be
on the forefront
of this never seen before

….and I look forward to spending
my dollars at your locations
just due to you
showing others that
even if your
bottom line shrinks for the moment,
you have shown compassion
and #Leadership.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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