Just Listen. It’s too Quiet.

Fools said I. You do not know. Silence like a Cancer Grows.
Hear my words that I might teach you. Take my arms that I might reach you. But my words like silent Raindrops fell.

– Simon & Garfunkel

👉Walk into a store and Stop, Look and Listen.

1. What do you hear, see, feel?
2. Are Employees approaching you with their concerns?
3. Are NEW Ideas being brought to the surface?
3. Does your Team scurry like cockroaches when you walk by?

The above are all potential signs that a storm be a coming due to a growing Culture of taking care of the BOTTOM LINE through the EXTERNAL CUSTOMER and not the most important Customer…the INTERNAL ONE

👉Reality Check: Did any of the above points resonate with you:

If you nodded your head:

Stop Downloading and Start Uploading ideas and information from your Teams.

Realize that your Teams are not always happy with changes proposed for many good reasons:

1. They are AFRAID to SPEAK UP about the change due to a CULTURE of ideas BEING DISCOUNTED without REASON.

2. Explanations for the changes are not given.

3. Typical answers given – This is always how we have done this and this is an SOP and it cannot be changed.

👉Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

These reasons are only given when complacency sets in and no one gives a damn due to no one giving a Damn about them…. It is so cyclical and as a Leader your one and ONLY GOAL should be taking care of your Teams and BREAKING DOWN ALL THE BARRIERS and FIXING or EXPLAINING the PERCEIVED Wrongs.

👉Talk, Listen, Seek Feedback and Repeat.

OH Yeah by the way, turn Off that damn smartphone and show some interest in what others are saying everyone appreciates eye contact and feeling that they are in the centre of your attention an be genuine.

👉CHECK your EGO at Home

You are not always right and neither is the Company you represent

YOUR GOAL IS TO HAVE AN ‘AHA’ MOMENT EVERYDAY from one of your Team Members and no not the music group from the 80’s.

👉SHARE, CARE & DARE others to be their best by challenging them to take on other responsibilities and play their part towards to the Common Goal

Thank you and enjoy the veal.

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