It’s not Personal…Oh Yes it is.

Just a friendly reminder about Feedback in Retail.

👉 When someone delivers Feedback to you it’s because they care about your progress, development and want you to succeed.

👉 When someone doesn’t give you Feedback…well they don’t care about your progress, development and or are lazy, selfish, or just too busy looking at themselves in the mirror and enjoying themselves too much.

The Feedback will sting or feel like a band-aid being ripped off; but once you understand that it is good for you, than the pain will slowly turn around and help you fill the gaps that have been identified by someone who cares.

……and Stopthemadness by using the phrase “it’s not personal” as it actually is since you are giving feedback to the person in front of you.

👉 By using the phrase “it’s not personal”; this does not bring a Koombaya softness to the feedback,
it can actually show you as being insincere and dilute the reason for the Feedback…..or just being an Asshole.


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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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