Employee Evaluations.

👉Are you ready for the Annual Employee Evaluations? Before you start writing it please ask yourself:

1. Are the notes I took throughout the year of the individuals wins and opportunities are clear, concise and have input from fellow Managers?

2. Did the mid year Evaluation review have an impact on the prior year identified Behaviour?

3. Is the date and time of the Evaluation set during a time that is convenient and in an private area so we won’t be disturbed.

If you answered *No to any of these questions, well then why are you even wasting both of your time.

1. An Evaluation should never be difficult to write if the proper Culture of Communication between your Management Team and getting out of your Office to work in the trenches.

2. Let me guess, there was no mid year Evaluation because no one told you to do one. So, you are OK with having a 364 day gap between the time you have spoken (and documented) with your Employee about their performance and you still allow them to help run your Business? Ouch!

3. Everyone looks forward to feedback and not only for financial reasons. So please ensure that the Associate receiving the feedback is not distracted and you both are able to have a meaningful conversation. This is probably the one and only time you will get that you have this individuals full attention. So, shut off the phone, computer monitor, and block off the time in your calendar.

👉Sounds simple enough? Nope, it isn’t due to the time restraints we all have; but trying to accomplish any of the above will have an impact on both of you.

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