Life and Madness of a RenegadeRetailer.

Good Morning and I hope all is well.

My name is Cary Brandes and I am a fifty something year old Male. I have been acting in the Retail Soap Opera for over 35 Years and consider myself fortunate enough to have started my Retail Career before the days of “Political Correctness, Twitter, Cell Phones and NOT being allowed to keep a bottle of Taylor Fladgate – 25 Years in the bottom left drawer in my Human Resources cabinet.

Throughout these experiences and roller-coaster ride of emotions I have seen and experienced events that brought a smile to my face, made me feel like a Superhero and others that made the butterfly’s in my stomach go on hyperdrive. I have tasted victory, seen defeat and celebrated success. All of this could not have been possible without THREE key ingredients.
👉 My Team,
👉 The ability to Laugh,
👉 and Coffee…the nectar of the Gods, the fuel for the masses, and the best tool you have in your arsenal to make a connection with someone.

👉 The decision to start writing this Blog is based on the frustrating phenomenon of Corporate retail taking the Employee Experience for granted, and pumping out Mission and Culture Statements that are drivel.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of this process and continue to be flabbergasted as to how everyone around the exotic laminate board room table can high five each other for the Verbal Vomit and Bullshit they just agreed to put on paper and after everyone’s is ego is satisfied, it gets approved and posted in the Corporate Office and Stores.

It still blows my mind how a Team at a Corporate Office can take the temperature of their Associates and prescribe a remedy without walking in the Team Members shoes or by monitoring the security cameras.

Sorry about that rant but I believe the Employee Experience needs to trump the Customer Experience at all times.

Without a well built foundation the house will crumble; and this is the case in Retail presently. This is why I decided to start writing. During my career, many (did I say many) did not approve of my so called “Freestyle” style of Management but I continued on under the GLARING eyes of Corporate and on many occasions questioned myself if this was the right Road to be on.

Did I see success?

Hell Yeah…but not without the Amazing Teams I worked with and their belief in me as a Coach and not their Manager.

More on being a Coach vs a Manager later throughout.

To describe my style of Management wouldn’t be right since I see myself through the eyes off Kevin Spacey in GlennGary GlennRoss.

Therefore to paint the picture I am going to quote some of my LinkedIn recommendations with a purpose at the end of it all.

” His methodology and unorthodox leadership style has been a refreshing change in sometimes dull landscape of everyday management”

” Charismatic, knowledgeable and devoted, Cary has always been a source of inspiration for me. His demeanor and innovative marketing has challenged the essence of old school philosophy and proven that change is good.”

” A daily routine for Cary was to find coach-able moments for every individual of his team, to challenge everyone’s potential and not to settle in a comfort zone. His great team building skills empowered a strong competitive district and was able to achieve the best results on key performance indicators within the Ottawa market and the Region.”

End all be all – Take Care of the ones who take of you. Your Employees, Team Members, Associates or whatever term you use because they are the fuel for your success without them YOU ARE NOTHING.

This is why RenegadeRetailer was born.

Dudes ENOUGH WITH WALKING ON GLASS and not dealing with the opportunities that are directly in front of you.
Let’s correct the opportunities at hand that emanate from your Teams NOT giving a Fuck due to their Peers not giving a Cluck as well while riding in a Truck with a Duck named Tuck. Kapish?

👉To some, I may not always be “Politically Correct, Professional, or Ready to Tow the Corporate Paddle Boat” but bringing the reality of the situation to the surface sometimes does not allow pillow talk.

Throughout this journey I will be sharing my phenonemal Retail Life with you and hopefully and somehow energize you to open your eyes towards being yourself, having a daily impact on your teams and bring forth your ability to inspire others on a Daily Basis through the Comedy of the Retail Path we have Chosen.

Before I continue, I need to Thank my #RETAILWIFE, Michelle for supporting, understanding, and just listening when I needed her to (even though she was fast asleep).

Out here in the fields
I fight for my meals
I get my back into my living
I don’t need to fight
To prove I’m right
I don’t need to be forgiven – The Who

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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