Your Retail Impact Statement.

There are 2 sets of Lenses that need to be worn in Retail today.

πŸ‘‰ Those of the #Employees .
πŸ‘‰ Those of the #Customer.

I am politely requesting that WHATEVER position or ahem β€œTitle” you may hold, take off those tinted bifocal lenses & put on the ones mentioned above, as you may actually see the reasons for the questions that are being blasted from your head office towards you due to expectations not being met.

When is the last time you considered the impact that you have on the ones that you’re supposedly trying to help?

Definition: Your Customers and #1 Customer, your Employee.

Stop being selfish and start thinking how YOUR decision will impact your Popularity & Bank Account.
⭐ Yes, decisions need to be made without feedback.
⭐ Yes, you are in the position because of your abilities.
⭐ Yes, not everyone is in it for themselves.

Please think of your Soldiers in the field & the +/- power of YOUR decision.

But first, be in the field and on the floor and talk to your Customers and your Team
…believe me it will not hurt.

⭐ Seek Feedback by being in the store & observing, talking, walking.
⭐ Leave your title, diploma & 🀏 Ego at the door and especially your Smarty Pants Phone.
⭐ Listen to the silence and read between the lines.
⭐ Most important, ensure that there is communication between all the StakeHolders & that one decision does not trump or muddle another.

Sounds Simple enough?

πŸ€” Then why the Frig is this not happening?
πŸ€” Why are YOU letting this happen?
πŸ€” Is it because YOUR are too lazy?
πŸ€” Is it because of YOUR Stupid Ego?
πŸ€” Is it because YOU have given up?

Then please move on,
as you are affecting the lives of your Customers and Employees, Team Mates, Associates or whatever the niche term you zre using today.
…and leave those stupid looking rose tainted glasses on your desk please.


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