D’oh! ….I tripped.

D’oh! ….I just tripped.
Hello. I am writing this directly after a Conference Call I was hosting today with a #Retail Peer of mine.

I have hosted many calls in the past with every sort of glitch you can imagine…but guess what;

today was that special day we all heard of and feared, where nothing went right.
⭐My speech patern was garbled. Here are some more details as to the why: https://renegaderetailer.blog/2020/04/19/bawitdaba/
⭐The audience couldn’t hear me.
⭐There was a tremendous echo on my side.
⭐The slides were rebelling against me.

These four things pushed me off the rails but I never lost control and let my partner take over without being ashamed doing so.

I have finally got off that train of being stressed over every last thing and learned to live without fear, regret, and thinking about things that will never come to fruition.

How many of us can say that confidently? Let us know below.

How many would like to be in the same spot? Let us know below.

It took me years and many battle wounds to be like this and it was not over night.

So, what is the purpose of a rollercoaster ride posting?


Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

👉Stand tall.


👉Embrace your mistakes.



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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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