Hiddie, Hiddie, Hiddie, Ho.

What do we do with the #Retail stragglers that are just there & doing shit all but are getting paid & incentivized the same.

Let’s start by asking whose fault is it?
👉Is it their Managers who have decided to do nothing about it as they would need to find a replacement?
👉Is it the Human Resources team who does not want to deal with it because it will increase their turnover %?
👉Or is it just the individual is so talented at doing nothing no one notices.

I choose 1 & 2.

This is nothing new to retail but it’s about time it stops and merit is given where deserved and the fat is cut off of the meat right down to the bone.

As as #Leader just remember your entire #Team sees it happening & if no action is taken to course correct, I can guarantee you this will spread like a cancer.

You know what that means to you?
🔥Loss of credibility.
🔥Loss of trust.
🔥Loss of the Good Ones.

So, what do you need to do before this gets out of control?

⭐Talk with the straggler.
⭐Set a plan with a short check in date & course correct.
⭐Make a decision.
⭐Take action.

At the end of the day you are the Face that runs the Place.
Now live up to the reason you were chosen to do so.

Otherwise why should I KEEP YOU in your present position?


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