I Made It…Almost.

Hineni, Hineni; I’m Ready my Lord – Leonard Cohen

50 Years and I am still standing.

I never thought I would get to this half way mark, but I did and am very proud to have done so.

Looking back I have NO REGRETS.

Looking back I SHOULD HAVE changed paths, but then I would have not landed here sharing with you my story.

Looking back I COULD HAVE entered myself into treatment much earlier for my #mentalhealth opportunities and unfortunately took prisoners with with me and I am so sorry for that.

Looking back I MISS YOU and you know I am talking to you.

Looking forward I AM IN a better place than I have been in the past.

Looking forward I KNOW WHAT I need to do to keep myself sane in the membrane.

Looking forward I HOPE THAT I can at least correct some of the wrongs I have done.

Looking forward IS ALL I GOT.

Happy 50th Birthday to me.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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