I want to be the Gordon Ramsay of your Retail World.

Oy Vey.
👉 We have become WAY too soft in Retail.
👉 We are not transparent to the situation at hand to which can lead to performance opportunities going astray.

👉 What do we need to do?

We need to call Gordon Ramsey to the forefront and have him steer the ship.

…OR just become him ourselves and stop hiding behind the curtain of being politically correct and therefore steering our teams correctly with respect and dignity

🛑 Stop the Madness.
🛑 Stop worrying that the words coming out of your mouth will hurt someone’s feelings.
🛑 Stop putting things off because you are afraid of reprucussions.

I’m not saying to go bonkers and not respect the Employees right to be treated fairly and respected.

👉 All I am saying is to be honest.
👉 To be transparent and use the proper verbiage.

…and 👉treat every situation in the moment.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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