Let’s Get Nuts.

This is me.
This is who I am.
This is what I believe in.
Go Big or Go Home.

This may not be a LinkedIn typical article but what is nowadays?

⭐My blog is named RenegadeRetailer for a reason.

My career choice is Retail but sometimes I need to be a Renegade to survive in it.

Please as a lesson to all of us, we all need to stop and start thinking for ourselves and not follow the popular kids either for our jobs or our lives

If the path you are on presently doesn’t agree with you, then change your path.

You have 4 choices to go.
Left, Right, Back or Forward.

For me, I like to roll the dice and see what’s going to happen.

👉Let go of yourself.
👉Let your true self shine.
👉Let yourself Go Crazy and let Yourself Go Nuts.

The Renegade inside of me has gone both ways.

It has led me to Rainbows of Skittles of Joy,
or has led me to being kicked in the head on a city bus because of my roll the dice attitude.

This is where the Let’s go Crazy Song comes in.

This was the song I was listening to when my ego came before me and went into hyper drive.

I was found wandering the downtown streets of Montreal with a concussion.

Why did this happen…well let’s just say…I was young in the head 😏

Lesson learned.

👉When is your time to break free and let Yourself go Crazy?

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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