Flap,Flap,Flap….and Flap.

Can you deny that you were ever in a meeting either virtually or in person that there was at least one person who just would not shut the f⭐ck up.

😏Personally I can’t take it.
😏Personally I will start to tune out.

We can all complain when someone “Flaps” their lips and doesn’t stop during a meeting
but what do we do about it? I would roll the dice and guess nothing as we would rather talk behind that person’s back and complain about them.

There is nothing wrong with letting this person know and bringing up the little used but much needed “Self Awareness” terminology with them.

Bringing up self awareness to the forefront will help this peer not only start realizing what they are doing but it opens the door to you starting to help them out as a good partner.

My best practice is to let the know in the moment, oherwise I am not being fair to them if I don’t.

So what can you do:
👉Bring up prior examples & work through them.
👉Let them know through a text message during a call to stop.
👉Let them know your thoughts good or bad after the call.

At the end of the day, the ones that want to flap will mostly continue to do so as this makes them feel important but if we don’t help correct their way then we are part of the problem.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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