Round 28 or 128. Fight!

…and it’s back like an uninvited Friend or unwanted Relative. My ugly friend called Depression has reared its ugly head.

The symptoms were there…pure exhaustion and not wanting to talk to anyone to which becomes very complicated as this is what I do for my job. It also doesn’t help that my back discs are slipped and I can’t walk without pain, my shoulder is frozen and hurts like a bitch just to lean in to get something and my toes are blue and hurt with the slightest touch.

Then the almighty litmus test is what I turn to when this happens. My friend music doesn’t sound the same and makes me want to scream out in anger or cry a river for each song. There is no in between.

The only comfort is writing this blog and sharing with you what it’s like to cycle through a period of sheer happiness and capability to take on the world to being laid out flat in the fetal position not wanting to move…but with a big “B” I do keep an energy reserve that I tap into to which gets me through the day.

That energy reserve is the fact that I NEVER EVER GIVE IN and I am the one that if you try to 👊Knock me down 7 times I WILL get back up 8.

So where does this leave me…on the same Journey I have taken hundreds of times and I will make it out of the forest once again. When? I don’t know but the fight in me will guide me back on the correct path to see the 🌞 sun again.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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