I’m Hurting…but Laughing.

Being 50 and riding a motorized scooter may seem like a midlife crisis but I enjoyed it until this happened…

I crashed twice within 10 minutes and tore the heck out of my knees and subjected some other major parts of my body to twisting and bruising they should never have experienced.

So why I am writing this?

1. The jeans I were wearing were #Buffalojeans; and even though I destroyed my knees they
did not tear and probably prevented my knees from being worse off.
Way to go Buffalo Jeans!

2. The scooter I was using was a #Segway NineBot Max. It did succumb to some damage, but I can not be more impressed the way it’s still standing.

This accident made me laugh (after the fact) even though it could have killed me on that busy street. (Yes I was wearing a helmet.)

Earlier that day I was worried about a dent on my car, and by this happening things were once again put into perspective.

Let’s all stop worrying about the little things and enjoy life once and for all as you never know the next twist and turn that will come your way.

And yes, I will hop back in the saddle again once some of the damages to my body and #scooter are repaired.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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