Exit Interviews. Is that still a thing?


👉This is what it can feel like if an Exit Interview is only done to appease a Practice that nobody has questioned as to why it is still being done if no one is actually listening to the what is being said or read in between the lines.

I think they are important & need to continue to be done, ONLY if the information extracted is shared among the according Teams.

There tends to be A LOT of MEAT on the bones once the emotions are drawn out from the conversation that you were not paying attention to because your Device kept on going off . Shame.

👉Please be reminded that the Person in front of you is leaving for a reason & is going to affect your Budget, Scheduling and Succession plan therefore you need to Question, Dig & Activate if the reasons are Negative in Nature.

👉This does go the same for the one’s that are leaving due to wanting to move on due to a better opportunity that cannot be matched.

Keep in mind that these interviews are best done in person, in a location with no distractions & with a Smile on your Face & not a Frown, otherwise you will be just like a Clown who is going through the motions just to hear a Sound.

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