Enjoy the show.

Ever have one of those
🔥Retail days?
🔥Customers in your face?

Guess what.
We all have!

You have 2 choices:
👉Let it get to you and drive you insane or,
👉Sit back and enjoy the STUPIDITY show.

I don’t advise letting it get to you, instead follow these tricks to help your keep your sanity.

🤔Become aware of your breathing.
Breathe in and out in a controlled & aware fashion and not like Darth Vader.

🤔Count backwards from 20.
This will take your mind away from what is in front of you.

🤔Think about what you will be doing after, tomorrow, this weekend.

Now get back to the regular scheduled program with a smile as it will always confuse the ones that think they are getting to you.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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