Was This The End?

That was a close call.
I was on the threshold of making a decision.
This decision was circling my mind for awhile now.

My mind continues to not be keeping up with me for the last little while and is getting tougher to formulate a clear thought to either document through writing or video.

What then is my purpose if I cannot continue to do what I do best?

Closing down the blog was my last resort,
but it looked like time was knocking on my door as even my fortune from my fortune cookie eluded so (and you know a fortune cookie is always right šŸ¤£ ).

All it was going to take was to clap my hands together, turn off the lights and unpack my bags from this Journey and thank everyone for their following, but…..

But, But, But, at the last minute I received an email from someone (I still haven’t asked if they want to be named) with the following words:

“Finding your blog is a blessing for me. Keep up the good, inspiring and life-changing blogging šŸ˜Ž”

This is more than once during the last little while that this person had the right timing to push me back into the game and add the fuel to a flame that was about to be extinguished.


I believe both, but thanks to this one person, the RenegadeRetailer lives on for a little longer.

Now if only my Big Brain on Brad would cooperate and hit the Turbo boost button for that shot of energy I need.

Stay tuned.
More to come.

I just need to hit the reset button.


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Have a PHENOMENAL šŸ¤© Day.

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