Retail Ecosystem: Is it alive?

Does your #Retail ecosystem focus on:

These 3 words are the beginning of life for every Employee that is Welcomed into your Culture & Team.

So then why do we Fuck it up so badly?

Simply because of a lack of Communication, Time Management & Follow-up.

Yes, we all have work to do, but we all have a duty to ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities; meaning;

👉Step 1. The Interview is not given like someone reading a script of a low budget horror film.
Have a conversation, provide feedback & follow-up.

👉Step 2. Onboarding: Do not pass Go do not collect 200$ if this is not ready on their 1st day. There is nothing worse than a new Employee coming through your door & no one knows who they are. You know what the are thinking; FML I need to look for a new job.

👉Step 3. Training: Don’t give in to that bullshit excuse that you don’t have time. Do you have time to do another 30 interviews just to find that 1 candidate. Set up the training plan from day 1 and enter into your calendar.

Simple to state? Yes.
Easy to Perform. No
Necessary? Yeah.

This is YOUR ecosystem that needs to be fed by ensuring you have the right Employees in place.
It starts & ends with you as Leaders.
You signed up for the job now perform it.

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