Dress Code. No Exceptions.

As a Consumer, there is nothing more disrespectful than an #Retail #Employee approaching me that looks like they came from a Hard Night of Partying or Cow Tipping.

The appearance of your Store is a DIRECT REFLECTION of you, so please ask yourselves the following questions.

👉 Question 1

Is your Company’s dress code being respected, reviewed, or ran into the ground by allowing your Team’s to do whatever they want.

👉 Question 2

Have you given your Employees a copy of the MINIMUM Dress Code expectations?

👉 Question 3

Have they signed a copy and is it placed in their file? If the answer is No, please go to jail and do not pass go as the basic watermark is not in place.

So, then why are there still Employees on YOUR Sales Floor with Dirty Shoes, Baggy Pants, Cellphones, No Nametags, Crumpled Shirts?

It is very easy to the a blind eye to this as who has time to send an Employee home to get changed; remember they CHOSE NOT TO FOLLOW the program.

As #Leader this is in your control and you need to take the reigns to reel it in. If you are not able to hold your Teams accountable to he most basic items……then what are you being paid for.

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