F⭐️ck the Dreamwork Mantra.

And on the first day of #Retail it was stated that Teamwork makes the Dreamwork and if that doesn’t float your boat than use – One Team, One Dream; said the Church of Adam Wee.
These two overused statements continue to be used to fill in the void of a rudderless Retail ship sailing aimlessly due to the lack of an adopted core value statement or just pure fricken laziness from the Leadership team.

We commonly hear these 2 statements after a:

👉Sales rally.
👉Corporate 3 day “blow the budget out of the door instead of giving raises or fixing the facilities” meeting.
👉Just to make a photo look like it has a soul when in actuality everyone is holding up their index finger due to being told to do so when all they want to do is hold up their middle finger.

So why the rant?

Well simp!y stated, your “Dream” is not my dream and may I ask what the “Dream” is?

👉Is it to feed the needy?
👉Is it to bring back strawberry flavoured Quick?
or is it simply to work a 40 hour work week without being judged?

All I am asking is to stop this madness with blanketing this overused and misaligned quote and find out what the individual’s dream on your Team may be is as it may surprise you.

Mine is: owning a farm to raise abandoned and abused Pitbulls.

Drop the mic and enjoy the veal.

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