Time Spent at Work: Are you Really Bragging?

It’s amazing that this still goes on today;
Store, District, Regional Managers who work more than 50 hours a week during normal (non-holiday peak) times.

What’s even more surprising and disheartening is that the support Team supports this practice, closes a blind eye and continues to let it happen.

👉 Whatever happened to the “Worklife Balance”;
“We care for our Teams” or “We need our Teams to be healthy and happy” mission statements.

I guess they have gone by the wayside because they are no longer visible on the Corporate Mission | Vision statement that is under an inch of dust in the break room.

👉 Store, District, Regional Managers, if you are working more hours than you believe you should be, please sit down, grab a coffee and ask yourselves why.

Write down what you do during the day and see if there is anything you can arrange, eliminate, delegate or just stop doing if it doesn’t bring you a return on your investment.

Or better yet,

Please do yourself and your Family a favour, ASK your support Teams for HELP, as it is a sign of Self Awareness and Strength.

🌟 A Manager who is healthy in mind and body is an amazing act to watch and will deliver more in a 40 hour work week than one that works 50+ hours.

An institution is the lengthened shadow of one person.
– Ralph Waldo

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