Do I Confuse You?

My personality tends to confuse other people.
I like to be alone a lot,
but I’m also friendly and social.
My environment describes how I act
Often I am loud,
at times I am quiet.
I read the energy and adapt accordingly.
There are times I like to process thoughts by myself.
This does not mean I am not present and engaged.
I am transparent and true.
What about you?

Those that know me well in social settings know that I can be loud, proud and be a fun part of the crowd.

But at times,
I like to sit back and analyze what is in front of me and can make me seem reserved or disengaged.

This is not the case.
This is who I am.
This is how I process information.

Believe me,
when I need to be “on” you will get the performance of your life.

…it all depends on the situation at hand.

Talking for the sake of just being heard, is old school.

I have done that.
Been there.

I have now realized that the wisest Man in the room is the one who sits back, listens and speaks when only necessary.

Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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