Didley Didley Squat.

What is your measurement of Didley Squat in #Retail?
👉Is it the amount of work done in the day?
👉Is it how effecient you and your teams were during the day?
👉Or is it simply you or someone did f*ck all but made everyone think you or they were busy.

How high is your blood pressure when you come across this.

Unfortunately nowadays getting away with diddley squat is easy. Here are a few #Retail examples.
👉When #Employees play hide and go seek in the aisles.
👉When Employees pretend to merchandise.
👉When #Managers look at a pile of papers pretending to analyze them.
👉When Managers pretend that they are counting the amount of burnt out lights.
👉Or simply just when Managers let everyone know that you have a conference call to take when there isn’t one.

If you are a #Coach or a #Leader and you find that one of your Team Members have fallen into the Didley Squat shadow, it is your responsibility to:
✔️Let them know you are concerned.
✔️Get to the root cause why this is happening.
✔️Guide them back to where they should be and explain to them why it’s important to do so.

I promise you as their Coach if you don’t do anything about it; you should be the one with your head stamped I did F*ck all today.

So what’s it going to be?

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