Am I Delusional?

Neither…or…well maybe.

We are only at this point of NO turning back if we continue to let it be; and well we are almost there.

Enough with blaming Millennials, Boomers, Generation X or even the Swedish Chef.

👉The in store experience has gone to shit since we are letting the inmates run the operations.
No one is being held accountable due to the fear that the converstation you had could be considered as ˋHarrasmentˋ.

👉When is the last time Upper Managment spent time in their stores for more than 5 minutes and walked it like a Customer.
or…..when is the last time they worked a weeked or event talked to an Team Member.


So before I ˋJump the Sharkˋ with this article, please be reminded that the foundation of ANY #Retail organization is only asstrong as the Senior Team high fiving each other around the Board Room table.

On a final note…can we just throw out the term – Retail Apocalypse as it is to encompassing when we know itˋs really about the Employees and Customer experience that is drowning Retail as no one gives a F⭐ck to hold anyone accountable.

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