Being Memorable in Retail.

Being in #retail should not define who you are.
You alone define who you are by your;
👉 Words
👉 Actions
👉 Mannerism
👉 Being Memorable.

The last point for me is the most important, as in retail you need to be a swiss army knife, but no matter which tool you choose to rely on, choosing the being memorable tool will ALWAYS pay off.

Being memorable is not always about acting like a fool, but it is about,
⭐ Having prescence when entering a room.
⭐ Doing the unexpected & keeping people on their toes.
⭐ Keeping them guessing as to your next steps.
⭐ Not regretting being an individual & setting your own pace.
⭐ Breaking free from the perceived mold of what a retail manager shou!d be like


Being BiPolar has also brought with it many unexpected moments in my career such as slurring presentations, doubting myself and having rapid speech, but it has made me memorable and I would not trade it for the world even though ironically this quirk also pisses me off on a daily basis,

I am still here as myself and prouder than ever.

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