Damn Device.

Why is this so hard for many of us to realize and adopt in our daily #Retail routines?
The day in the life of a #Retailcoach should start with the following mindset:

⭐Lead as you want to be Lead.
⭐Be Genuine.
⭐Be Humble.
⭐Be Transparent.
⭐Just be Present.

…and put that f*cken damn device in your pocket and pay attention to those that you are leading and talking with, or eventually you I’ll do a Michael Scott and drive them directly into a swamp.

👉I will repeat, keep your device away from your eyes, in your pocket and on silent mode so not to be distracted.

I promise you that the world will not blow up if you miss a couple of calls or messages.

What will blow up if you take them is the #relationship with the person standing in front of you.

Now that would hurt agreed?
Then why do you continue to do it?

…..just remember you are not as popular as you wish or think you are ☺️

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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