Are you a Credit Coward?

You, Yes You. 👊
What gives you the right to take credit for something your Peer created to help push the corporate #Retail agenda forward.

Unfortunately this is all too common & has developed from COWARDS not being able to live up to their own mandate / job description.

To me this is outright theft of someone’s work & should be punished accordingly; to which it is not done because, who has the time or the balls to do so for the fear of having to fill in a vacant position.

Encouraging a Peer to develop or improve on a standard or procedure not only helps them push their career forward, but believe me it ⭐ looks good on you as well.


I strongly believe that if one of my Team Members presents a new concept it shows that they are actually encouraged & appreciate who they work with.

Do I need the credit?

Nope, Nadda & a big fat Ney Ney.

👉I am SECURE in my position and therefore I am more than happy to let others have the spotlight.

Now what about you insecure 🐤chickens who will continue this habit.

How would you feel if this happened to you, & please don’t say you are only doing this because it happened to you in the past.

Get the fuck over it you coward and move on.

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