Bringing the Cream to the Top.

#WorkingFromHome brings the cream to the top and shows who can adapt and pivot according!y.

My #MosaicNA team has gone above and beyond hosting almost daily #webinars that are rolling off of their tongues with ease.
Their success is due to changing their mindsets that these webinars are an opportunity towards capturing their audience and having a discussion and not a presentation.

This is where I started to scratch my head as they adopted to this idea very quickly and left me wondering when they will just flock together and evaporate my position 😁.

There is a cliche statement in #Retail that says;
👉Hire someone that is better than you as this will keep you on your toes….and this is what is pleasently happening.

Fortunately I inherited this team and two years later they finally understand my madness and some have adopted it, others are on their own path but at the end of the day and I tip my hat to all of them as 💪the students now have become the teacher.

This is the first time in many years I have questioned my #Leadership due to their growth and ability to beat me at my own game….and I am loving it!

⭐Congratulations⭐ #Google #MosaicNA Team Eastern Canada and thank you for all the hard work you continue to do and impress all of us with.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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