My Corona Insights Part #1.

So our Quebec government has placed a decree where all non essential services are to remain closed for the next 3-4 weeks which means all #Retail is closed.

1. I stand behind our Premiere decision and his Leadership based on the situation.

2. I don’t understand how the majority of people working in #Retail will be able survive without a paycheque.

3. The next few weeks will be a stress test for families and individuals who may not have the $ to eat, heat and pay for their necessities.

4. Now is the time we come together more than ever and take care of each other anyway we can as we cannot expect that everyone put away $$$ for situations like this.

👉Retail will bounce back.
👉Retail landscape will look different.
👉Retailers that took care of their Teams during this time will be the first to flourish.
👉Retail will survive just like Noah’s Ark did….well sort of.

♥️Tomorrow is a new day.
♥️Live it.
♥️Enjoy it.
♥️Repeat it.

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