Corona! What a stupid name for a Virus.

This article will be as simple as it gets to what MAY happen if the Corona virus continues to take over our daily activities and erodes #Retail Sales and Services.

So here we go looking downwards:

👉As a #Consumer staying at home and not going out which will diminsh the sales of global Retail, Restaurants and Services.
👉Lower sales = less profit.
👉Less profit = possible temporary layoffs in Retail.
👉Layoffs in Retail will mean decreased sales therefore decreased purchases by the Consumer and Corporations.
👉Decreased purchasing = layoffs at the factories where the product was ordered from and possible bankruptcies due to the purchasing commitments not being kept.
👉Higher unemployment.
👉Possible recession.

We who have been in Retail saw this coming from a mile away and quite honestly are looking over our shoulders to when we will take the direct hit.

So what do 💪we need to do?
⭐Get out of the house.
⭐Continue your life like it was last year.
⭐Support your local Retailers.
⭐Take with you as much sanitizing protection that you see fit.

And please stop those ludicrous elbow bumps as I can guarantee that many of you have shoken a hand that just came out of the bathroom without being washed
….and you are still alive😎.

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