C’mon Starbucks. Let’s Have a Coffee Chat.

An Open Letter to Starbucks.

I am a loyal Customer that is starting to be unable to visit my second home.


It’s not your prices.

It’s not your selection.

It’s not because I am going somewhere else.

It’s simply because I am being forced out as there is nowhere to park my rear.

Yes, there are tables and chairs.

… but,

… believe it or not I can’t sit anywhere because there are some full of themselves and entitled Customers that think it their right to take a table of four for themselves.

This never happens does it;  as I say this in a sarcastic tone 🤪.

No, this is not new but needs to stop as a rumored renovation that is coming will cut the seating in ½.


With less seating, and more of us fighting for tables, this is a formula for an internal struggle for
“seating real estate”.

🤣 This is going to make a great reality show.

Please Starbucks tell me, why is this happening to a store that serves a small population / community that is on an island without any competition?

I bet that you will not respond or would even reconsider this from happening;
so I guess I will be left to my own devices and have to open up a Coffee Shop in my garage….one Keurig pod at a time with seating for miles for all.

Starbucks, are you open to a Coffee Chat?

Has anyone else had this happen to their favorite Starbucks?

Let’s start a thread here and our voices heard for that overpriced coffee but the second home experience we all love.


Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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