CheapAss Agenda.

An Agenda back in the 1980/90’s was either a DayRunner or a Franklin Covey. Nowadays in Retail a Store Visit Agenda has another meaning usually with the word “Hidden” before it.

In most case this equals out a prelaid negative plan.

Please make the effort to stop the “Hidden Agenda” Urban Legend as this usually turns into the Davinci Code & wastes everyone’s time trying to find out what this Regular Visit is about.

If you are going to do a planned Store Visit please ensure that:

👉The Agenda is set by both you &the Store Leader as this is a Team effort.

👉You respect their Store as it is their House & let them know of any invited Guests.

👉If this is a “Hidden Agenda” visit; be prepared for a build up of distrust and disliking from the Team for Future Visits, to which is natural and will take time to correct. Rebuilding can only be done through consistent Store visits that demonstrate your are capable of being humble, transparent and not a spy for the Corporate end.

💥NO Team should ever fear their Coach.

💥NO Team should be blindsided due you your inability to provide Transparent and constant Feedback.

Oh yeah, stop buying those fake leather cheap ass Agendas and use your Smartphone as an Agenda.

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