A Car vs. an Employee.

Is it Me or do you get frustrated when you pay big $$ to get your Car fixed and the job is not done correctly?
I know that I would be upset and rant and rave out of frustration and try to calmly correct the situation.

Then why in #Retail do we accept the same scenario from our Team’s and just accept it?
👉Is it because we are afraid of the unknown result of what will happen when we speak to our Team Members?
👉Is it because you don’t have enough time to review the situation with your Associate?

#STOPTHEMADNESS and flip the scenario around.

Invest the passion you may have showed with the Car scenario and put that energy towards INVESTING in your Employees growth with your Company.

…..and don’t fear the unknown. I can tell you out of experience that the Transparent and Structured feedback will be appreciated and will get their motor running. (See how I turned that around? :))

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