Employee Absence: A week in advance.

We have all been in this situation and there are ways of dealing with it, but we need to fair even if you doubt them.

⭐Talk with the Employee the first day back to review the Attendance Policy.

⭐Advise the Employee that you need advance notice of their schedule so you can accomodate them WHEN possible.

⭐Keep a record of each time they are absent to see the pattern. Show them the pattern.

⭐Review their current availability to see if you are scheduling them accordingly.

⭐Request an updated availability.

⭐Explain the consequences if this happens again without cause.

⭐Have them repeat back the discussion you just had..

⭐Have them sign the notes you took or the Attendance Policy and place it in their file.

⭐Repeat until you can repeat NO longer.

Remember that this is their choice for this action.

👉It is YOUR choice to keep them on your Team.
BUT by doing so you are showing the other Team Members that this is an acceptable behavior.

💥Yes this may make you short staffed.
💥Yes this affect your schedule.
..but isn’t this the present case?

Take action & Steer your Ship as you have been paid to do.

Don’t make it your Employers choice to take action against you, because you CHOSE not take the appropriate action.

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