Really, Really – Bonjour | Hi.

As you may be aware or not aware Quebecs official language is French to which I entirely support, work, live and speak everyday with Pride. Recently there has been a debate over 2 words that are being said by our Hard Working and Dedicated Retail Associates that has raised questions and debates within our Provincial Government.

The 2 words are in a form of a Greeting: Bonjour / Hi.

💪1st – It’s unbelievable that this was debated for over a day.

💪2nd – Why is this even an issue especially at this time of the year….or ever.

I don’t feel that this a necessary debate and DO feel that the French Language needs to be protected but….C’mon.

I do not want to turn this post into a debate or have heated discussions, I just want to highlight that sometimes Retail can take a strange turn and is – The Worlds Greatest Soap Opera.

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