The Blanket that says Alot.

Those who know me know there are a couple of things I live for:
1. Simplicity and the little things.
2. Watching The Office.

Well today both of them came to fruition as my Team surprised me with an Office Blanket for supporting them in 2019.

👉First of all, it was a pleasure to do so as that’s what a Coach does, and let me tell you it was easy due to their level of talent.

👉Secondly, the recognition meant the world to me.
Not because I will use the blanket on a daily basis but the meaning behind it as it will remind me daily how I had an impact on my Team.

I may not see how I helped others everyday, and I may not have been thanked for every action, but this shows me that those Courageous Conversations, Individual Coaching Sessions, Tours & Presentations all were worth it.

This is what I live for, the little things that paint a broader portrait & plant the seeds to keep our success going for 2020.

As some of you may know, the last few months have been very difficult for me due to some #mentalhealth issues, but I salute my Team and cannot #Thank them enough every day for being themselves and their continued support.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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