Another Idea 🤩.

I have been in a creative rut lately 🤪

I just did not have the inspiration to blog or vlog.


I found the funkster himself; Marc Rebillet.

The best years of my life can be summarized around music;
to which is reflected in my tattoos.

I needed to be woken up.

I need to be inspired.

I needed something to put me back on course.

So, this happened and Marc Rebillet was introduced into my life with this song; 🎧 Another Idea.

This song lit a fire under me to get back on my toes and made me realize that I DO have the talent necessary to continue to inspire others through my website at:

The only thing I need to do now is;

Stop worrying about what others think.

Stop worrying about if my posts get a thumbs up.

And most of all…

Stop making excuses and having a pity party.

Here are the lyrics from “Another Idea” and no apologies for the words used as this is real and has no need to be watered down.

🎶 You know sometimes I just feel like I’m in a, like a creative rut, you know?

Like there’s just no possible way I could come up with another idea

Another idea.

When you can’t come up with another idea, f⭐ck it dude.

Just make something.

Just get up, get in front of your sh⭐t, pump it out baby.

No one gives a f⭐ck about your creative integrity.

None of it matters.

All that matters is that you’re here, working.

Making sh⭐t. Yuh. Uh

Another idea

Go ahead and make that sh⭐t baby yea. 朗

👉 Marc Rebillet

Have a PHENOMENAL day.
#thatisall #inspiration #like #talent #creative

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