What is your Retail Flavor?

Happy whatever day it is.
As we continue this rollercoaster ride we should be keeping our minds healthy and souls ready for what ever comes our way and being
ready to jump back on the horse.

It is not easy for everyone in #Retail and the question everyone is stll asking is will it ever return to normal?

👉I can not tell you.
👉I can not forecast if it will
👉I can not promise that it will.
…and most of all we should not be rushing it.

But what I can share with you is that being #RenegadeRetailers we do have in our favor the ability to wake up each and every day with an attitude that will keep us going for the hour, the day and the week.

My usual flavours to get me through the day are a mixture of optimism, a dash of fear of the unkown and a sprinkle of looking forward to the rising of the sun and sunset of the next day.

A dash of fear of the unknown? Yup. I need to be honest with myself to which keeps me on my toes and grounds myself back into reality at the every day.
…and repeat.

👍We will all return to work.
👍We will all talk about this like just having earned a boy scout badge.
👍We will all have stories for future generations to share around the dinner table.


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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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