I’m Out: The Curtain has Risen.

The curtain has been opened.
…and this is my show 🤓.

It’s been over 35 years since I have entered the Worlds Greatest Soap Opera – Retail and I have not been honest with all of you that I have worked with.

During those years I was:

👉 Exhausted.
👉🏻 Scared, frightened or was it more worried?
👉🏽 Confused.

I did not know how to suppress all the “wonderful” side effects of being BiPolar to which I did not know I was during that time.

The EXHAUSTION would come on suddenly like a sack of bricks; to which I was unable to move but still pushed on as this was my ‘Job”.

I was continuously worried and SCARED about everything I did as I would second guess my work, overthink a whisper that I overheard thinking it was about me and hoping I could keep up with the pace of the demands of the job.

The CONFUSION part was simple as thinking I was better than I am but not knowing why I could not achieve these standards …or did I 🤔😃😭?

So do you know what I did?

I created a persona and hid myself behind a CURTAIN like the Wizard of Oz and made myself into a character larger than who I actually was.

I kept up this Persona for decades until I realized after being diagnosed being BiPolar that I can no longer be the Man behind the Mask as my energy reserves were nearing empty.

So here I am today.

Still struggling…but now knowing.

Still hiding my symptoms,
but at least I now know why they like to play that game of hide and go seek; and how I can play the game alongside.

But in reality,

Some days are better than others.

But now I know that the woven fabric of a Mental Health opportunity is not your enemy but something that you have to work alongside with, highlight the strengths that come with it and a put out your hand as a peace offering and have a nice firm handshake and agreement.

Drop the mic.

Weight off of my shoulders.

…and the good fight and story continues on for another day.

Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

(Not my best picture below 🤪).

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