New Behaviors. New Retail World.

Fellow Retailer Leaders, Coaches, and Managers, it’s a new world and New Year out there and therefore let’s squash some old habits and add some new ones as well.


❌ Correcting an Employee’s behavior in front of their Peers.
❌ Making them work in dangerous conditions.
❌ Using inappropriate language and gestures at any time.
❌ Standing around and not helping out especially when there is a lineup at the cash.
❌ Being late even though you don’t accept it from others.
❌ Taking personal calls on the floor with your Smartphone.


✔️ Mandatory to leave all Smartphones in their lockers.
✔️ Rewarding your Team Members in front of their Peers.
✔️ Making sure that your 2nd Home is free of Physical and Verbal Harrasment at all times.
✔️ Ensuring that everyone is working in a safe environment.
✔️ Try to use the proper Retail terminology when requesting an action….and always end it with a “Thank you”.
✔️ Always be on time for your shift.
✔️ There is ALWAYS something to do, so lead by example.
✔️ Always be ready to help out and don’t expect to be congratulated for your kind action as this is your job.

Not 🚀 Rocket Science eh?

…then why does this seem so easy and it is just not being done.

What Behaviors would you like to see changed in 2022 to avoid the “Supposed Retail Apocalypse”?

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