Lipstick on a Pig…Never happens.

The term ‘Lipstick on a Pig’ is a common one in Retail and means; sprucing up a store to give the illusion that everything is going well.

Unfortunately, this happens too often due to Upper Management pressuring the Store Manager to clean their Store within 24 hours due to a Visit from the Office.

When this happens it basically states that the Leadership in place is not being honest or transparent; and is blowing smoke up others’ asses.

👉 How do you think Employees feel when all year they have been asking for improvements that were continuously denied; but due to ‘Special Guests’ the vault has been opened? Oy!

The condition of the store within the snapshot of time should be taken accordingly (I love surprise visits).

👉 If the Store is a Shit Hole mess, let it be.
👉 If your Warehouse is a mess, let it be.
👉 If your HR files are nonexistent….well then you are a Freaking idiot.

Sprucing up a Store before a visit will only show your Visitors that everything is going well and that no additional dollars need to be invested.

This may backfire on you because it looks like you’re handling the recent labour cuts without an issue.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and share (with solutions) your experiences and suggestions.

After all this is your Store and your reputation and why should your Boss care as it is not their Asses on the line.

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