Onboarding is not a Turnstile.

Retail has become a turnstile for #Employees
and I strongly believe the process that is feeding this erosion is the broken onboarding programs we all high five each other about….

… thinking they are happening.

👉 Guess what and sorry to tell you.

They are not 🤯.

#Onboarding a new #Retail Team Member correctly will have an impact on your Bottom Line, Turnover and Succession Planning.

Before a New #Employee starts please ask yourself the following questions:

👉 Are you ready to Welcome a Team Member on their first day with all tools prepared in advance?

👉 Do you have a Mentor | Partner program to help guide your New Employee?

👉 Do you even know your New Employees name and history? It does happen that a New Hire was not hired by yourself.

👉 What does your followup program look like?

👉 Is it posted in your office?

👉 Is it inputted into your Calendar

👉 Are there check-in dates?
Who is responsible for checking in?

👉 Does your Team Member have a copy of their training schedule, job description and any other material they require.

👊 If you answered NO to any of the above, you might as well forget about your Corporate Onboarding plan and just install a turnstile instead of a door.

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Have a PHENOMENAL 🤩 Day.

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