😁 Here is How #2.

🤯 I am starting to regain control of my Big BiPolar Brain and have decided that the RenegadeRetailer lives on.

👉 Step 1: I am Controlling My Narrative.

This my story.

This is me exposing myself 😳 (no, not in that fashion) to you, trying to make this 🌎 blue marble a better place to live.

You have no right to tell me how to live my best life or what I post.

I will keep on sharing my stories with you and I could not give a F⭐️ck as to what you think.

👉 Step 2: I know who I am.

I know my weaknesses.

I know my strengths.

I know when to say yes.

I know when to say no.

👉 Step 4: I have stopped caring how many “likes” or “followers” you have.

If I have impacted you, then my purpose has been fulfilled.

👉 Step 5: Listening to my instincts.

I have to restart the trust motor and believe in what I know is right; is right.

💫 Those Spidey Senses are there for a reason.


These points maybe specific to my 🧠 Beautiful Mind,

…but if I have impacted you with just one of these points;

then I have achieved what I believe my purpose is.

To continue be a ⭐️ Renegade both in mind and reality.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.


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