👉 Contine being YOU!
👉 Do what YOU believe in.
👉 It’s defintely NOT about the Likes or Thumbs Up!

This does not mean I don”t want to continue on this Journey and Adventure of the #RenegadeRetailer but a doubt comes in to mind when I don”t get the responses I was hoping for.

I have come this far and to realize that my posts about #MentalHealth and #Retail are not to everyones’s flavour but when I do get that Private Message as to how I saved someones life ot affected them on a personal level it makes it all worth it,

So why am I writing this; it”s just to let the ones that challenge my writing style and content to crawl back into their caves.

…and for everyone else….PLEASE.

🗯 Tell the world YOUR story and be PROUD of it.
🗯 Tell the world the reasons why YOU ARE who you are.
🗯 Tell the world just to Shut the F❤ck up sometimes…..it helps.

Now go and listen to YOUR INNER VOICE and have a PHENOMENAL day.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

Have a PHENOMENAL day.

One comment

  1. Reading about your mental health has made me feel that I am not alone on retail with mental health issues. It is something that lip service is paid to by many retailers (I have worked for 3 of big ones) there is lots of talk of support but once it is out in the open, I find upper management starts to question your abilities. I am now at the point on my career that I talk about at work to let others know they are not alone.
    Keep up the good work


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