Customer Service vs. Quality Assurance

My eyes glowed like I was back in my youthful years. It was now possible to get the Arcade Games I spent my youth with in my home at a price I could afford with the #Arcade1Up catalogue.

As much as I would like this to be a positive review of the three #Arcade1up machines I purchased, it cannot be, as I sold each unit as they all came with defects that are being seen across North America.

  1. Ms. PacMan had a side panel with a defect and a scratch on the plexi screen.
  2. Mars Attacks Pinball machine. I had 2 of these and these both came with defects, ranging from scratches, legs that would not screw in properly and a defective nudge feature. Also not to forget that games would not play properly like WhitWater and Junkyard.
  3. Mortal Kombat Legacy had a side panel filled in with marker and a scratched screen.

At any time none of these points should be considered as acceptable, especially after taking an hour or more to assembly them.

BUT there is a positive point. 

Their Customer Service department was great, patient and able to send out new parts at moments notice but it’s too bad that I don’t need them anymore, but I keep on receiving them.

Would I recommend Arcade1up machines? A big NO if you are looking for quality and long term value.

YES for their old school retro value and if you dont mind the gamble.

Maybe next year #Arcade1up and keeping my fingers crossed that these lessons were not for not.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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