Cover Your Ass. Please!

Do you know what C.Y.A in #Retail stands for?

It stands for Cover Your Ass as this career choice can be a dog eat dog world if you are willing to wear milkbone underwear.

So how does C.Y.A fit in to the theme of Never Ever Ever Assume anything in Retail. Well it is just that.

👉Never assume that what you have explained to execute was understood.

Solution: CYA and make sure to have them repeat back to you what was just said.

👉Never assume that your new hire will respect their availability.

Solution: CYA and make them write it down and file it. If they will not work the hours they made available then they broke their contract with you.

👉Never assume that a corrective action is understood.

Solution: CYA and do not write it out before hand. Have the employee share their thoughts and reasons with you and have them fill out the solution / commitment part. This makes them the owner.

👉Never assume that the conversation you just had with Upper Management will be remembered.

Solution: CYA and immediately write down the details in your calendar on the date and time it took place for future reference.

Listen, being in Retail is not the absurd Andy Worholesque world some paint it to be, but you do need to look out for #1 to which is you.

I will leave you with this quote from my friend Benny Hill;

Never assume anything as it will make an ass out of you and me.

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Have a PHENOMENAL day.

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